It's Coming: AI Writing using Lex

It's Coming: AI Writing using Lex

Recently saw this twitter post by Nat Eliason about how a secret AI-powered writing application was super good at writing posts. He then went on to tease the product further.

It was later revealed that the product was LEX which was developed by @Every which is something Nat is a part of. Hence, the constant promotion of the new product.

Obviously, I signed up for LEX and started playing around. The first part was a a default prompt and the highlighted parts were my input.

Looks alright but it's also a pretty simple question

Alright so this was my second question. It didn't even finish the prompt??

To be fair, the welcome copy at the top does say that the AI learns from how you type so let's just go with that.

I then tried the chat bot thing on the right of the screen. This seems to be a bit better as it actually gave 12 answers and it was pretty decent with good ideas that would work for a SEO generic blog post.

Here is what I typed using LEX

generate a 12 tweet thread about crypto and the future of DAOs

1/12 #Crypto and the future of DAOs

1. What is a DAO?

2. What are the benefits of a DAO?

3. What are the risks of a DAO?

4. What is the future of DAOs?

5. How can DAOs be used to improve the crypto industry?

write an introduction paragraph about DAOs in Crypto

A DAO, or a decentralized autonomous organization, is a company or organization that is run by a set of rules encoded on a blockchain. This type of organization is decentralized, meaning that there is no centralized authority, and autonomous, meaning that the organization can run itself without the need for human intervention.

write a full paragraph about the benefits of DAO

1. DAOs offer a number of benefits over traditional organizations.

2. DAOs are run by code, which means they are not subject to the same human biases and errors that can plague traditional organizations.

3. DAOs are decentralized, which means they are not controlled by any one person or group.

4. DAOs are transparent, which means that all transactions and decisions are public.

5. DA

write a paragraph about risks of DAOs

1. While DAOs offer many advantages over traditional organizations, they also come with some risks.

2. One risk is that DAOs are vulnerable to hacking. If a DAO is hacked, the hacker could steal all of the money in the DAO.

3. Another risk is that DAOs could be used to fund illegal activities.

4. Finally, DAOs could be subject to government regulation.

write a paragraph about the future of DAOs

1. The future of DAOs is uncertain, but they have the potential to greatly disrupt the traditional business world.

2. DAOs could eventually replace traditional businesses and organizations.

3. DAOs could also be used to fund new and innovative projects that would not be possible with traditional funding sources.

4. The full potential of DAOs has not yet been realized, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this new

write a paragraph about how DAOs can be used to improve the crypto industry

1. DAOs can be used to improve the crypto industry in a number of ways.

2. DAOs can be used to create new and innovative projects that would not be possible with traditional funding sources.

3. DAOs can also be used to help fund and support existing crypto projects.

4. Finally, DAOs can be used to help educate people about crypto and blockchain technology.

write a conclusion paragraph for a blog post about DAOs in crypto

DAOs have the potential to greatly disrupt the traditional business world and the crypto industry. They offer a number of advantages over traditional organizations, including the fact that they are decentralized and transparent. However, DAOs also come with some risks, such as the risk of hacking and the risk of funding illegal activities. The full potential of DAOs has not yet been realized, but it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this new type of organization.

give me an interesting and SEO optimised title for a blog post about DAOs

How DAOs Can Disrupt the Business World and Improve the Crypto Industry

S0 after formatting here's how the post will look like

It's a little short with 382 words but now let's input this thing into Lex and try to edit it further.

It's pretty obvious that this isn't a normal blog post as there is barely any examples or elaboration for the points mentioned. It is super compressed.

After adding "+++" to the end of this paragraph, the AI generated the highlighted paragraph as elaboration. While I wouldn't agree with it's point that DAOs are less likely to be subject to government regulation or inteference, it looks alright for a blog post.

Looking at how fast I was able to write this post, I am sure Lex is already in use for many news or SEO optimised marketing blog posts that are written purely for marketing reasons. I see no reason why this shouldn't be published in a crypto news site informing readers about what DAOs are and their purpose in crypto.

I then decided to "+++" (the command to allow GPT-3 to generate text) all the sentences and and might have gone a bit overboard by trying to generate three sentences at the same time to save some time.

Eventually I got Lex to write the entire post for me about DAOs. The final word count was 952 for the DAO post (also an insane coincidence is that the bold number 952 was the 952nd word for this post!!!).

What did this experience writing an entire blog post in Lex teach me?

Well, SEO writers are going to go extinct. A lot of companies hire people specifically to write posts on their websites for the purpose of boosting their results on search engines and to beef up their blog portfolio on their website to make it seem more legit with more blogs.

I have done this type of work before for a tech startup and the process was pretty tedious and took a lot of human hours to write posts about the app and instructions on how to utilise its features to the fullest. While I loved working with the startup and the experience was super cool, the work done could definitely be replaced by Lex and Lex would probably do it even better than I did.

I read a post by Nat Eliason on his thoughts about Lex and how it will replace SEO writers and I agree with the analogy of Chess and Go.

And you might say, “well, humans and AIs will just work together to make better stories!” and yeah, sure, for a bit. I had Lex write that Chinese Room description above since I didn’t feel like it. Could you tell? But it will be like Chess and Go. The human-AI teams were only a flash in the pan. Once the AI got better, it figured out how to destroy the collaborations. An AI erotica writer will put all the Amazon e-book smutrepreneurs out of business just as fast.

I recently saw this documentary on YouTube about AlphaGo. While AlphaGo eventually came victorious, it wouldn't be fun watch a game of Go where AlphaGo plays a match against itself or other AI Go machines.

It's kind of like there's a huge audience for chess games even though basically any computer can beat the best human player.

People like chess because of the people involved and the skill that the humans have in playing the game. No one would watch a 2800 ranked AI play against another 2800 ranked AI yet they would watch similarly ranked Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura game.

So in order to stay relevant as a writer (especially if it's your livelihood) you have to make sure you are important to the story or your quality of writing and storytelling is so high that it's hard for AI to replicate your words.

I think it's a lot easier to work on the former. I can let Lex write all my posts but what would be the point? The 4 readers of this blog don't read this to get the best information about the subject matter or high quality writing but they read it because of it's MY website and blog where I write about things I am interested in and fascinated by.

So, in conclusion. The AI writing avalanche is coming. You can either choose to fight it by continuing up the mountain in the direction of the avalanche or just find a different mountain to climb.