The IQ Bell Curve Meme

The IQ Bell Curve Meme
Photo by Victor Grabarczyk / Unsplash

The IQ Bell Curve meme is one my favourite memes of all time. It is just applicable almost everywhere. The basic idea is that the low iq and high iq person reach the same conclusion but the person in the middle thinks that they are smart due to the dunning kruger effect and end up reaching the wrong conclusion.

Here's an example.

50 IQ: Dog coin funny. Elon Musk buy coin? I buy dog coin.

100 IQ: Clearly this is a pump and dump by the world's richest man. He's clearly trying to make a 200% return on his sub 0.01% net worth investment and then dump on his 100 million twitter followers. I am not falling for this scam valueless coin at $0.009

150 IQ: Elon's going to pump this shitcoin. He clearly likes memes and has mentioned multiple times that he does not respect the SEC which is the agency responsible for regulation in securities in traditional finance. Doge doesn't qualify as a security and there are not many regulations for crypto. He's going to pump this shitcoin as high as possible to make his followers rich, promote the meme and piss off as many people as possible, especially the SEC and $TSLA haters.

So the 50 IQ and 150 IQ get rich. the 100 IQ remains poor. So you have either be 150 IQ or 50 IQ and personally it seems easier to reach one end of the spectrum than the other.

Why does this meme work so well?

100 IQs overthink everything but it helps to simplify things to their most basic form in order to understand something.

Here's a question? Why is there inflation in 2022?

There were many economists who argued that there wouldn't be inflation but if you thought about it from a really really basic viewpoint, you would know that there probably be high inflation. Why? Because governments around the world printed trillions of dollars to combat the pandemic.

It's not hard to see the link between governments printing trillions of dollars and high inflation rates.

Likewise, one thing I wish I learnt before was about the Federal Reserve and Interest Rates. Here's a very basic understanding. When Fed raises interest rates and starts Quantitative Tightening, run for the hills and sell all your shitcoins. When Fed decreases interest rates and starts Quantitative Easing, all in your net worth into the 5th shiba inu fork on the 7th EVM L2 Blockchain fork that has raised a 9 fig treasury for community development.

A more recent example would be whether the US is in a recession right now. I'm no economist and I would prefer not being in a recession than being in a recession, for the sake of my already half dead portfolio, but

stock market crashing + rising interest rates + soaring inflation + end of hyper speculative everything bubble from 2020 + two consecutive quarters of economic decline = recession