Create Luck Using This Superpower

Create Luck Using This Superpower

Consistency is a superpower.

Everyone who you look up to has probably attribute consistency and showing up every day as one of their reasons for success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has famously said that you have to do the reps. Dwayne the Rock Johnson has said that “Success isn’t about greatness, its about consistency”

Whenever you see someone “blow up” and achieve “overnight success”, just remember that it is actually 5 years of overnight success.

You might only see one video, business, or article.

But you won’t see the 100s of articles, blogs, tweets, business ideas, youtube videos that they have done beforehand.

Even Warren Buffet who is famously the richest investor in the world has earned his wealth from consistency in the form of compound interest. Here’s an insane chart of his wealth from age 14 to 83!

✨ On Luck and Serendipity

I used to think that you can not control luck or serendipity. After all, it is just “Luck”.

How did that person become successful? Luck

How did they get access to unique opportunities? Luck

But while ‘Pure Random Luck’ does play a factor, you can increase the chances of luck by being consistent.

PewDiePie and Mr Beast arent lucky. They created luck by posting thousands of videos and eventually blew up and got an “overnight success”.

You can create luck by being consistent.

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