Elon dumped, you bought.

Elon dumped, you bought.

be CEO of small electric vehicle company

NEVER sell your EV company stock (with 2 exceptions that are explained below)

First ever sale. This was for IPO
Second ever sale. This was to pay taxes for exercising options

After a hyper speculative bubble pumps tesla to one of the most valuable companies in the world valued at a trillion dollars, start selling

Cite taxing unrealized gains as an issue and do a twitter poll to justify

Start saying you can only pay tax if you sell your stock

Use 'buying twitter' as an excuse to sell more stock


Now here's the billion dollar question. Is the CEO selling his stock for the first time in a decade bullish?

Note: Elon can sell whenever and whatever stock he wants but people not identifying that him selling is bearish is crazy. The CEO who mentioned in many interviews for years and built an entire identity around not selling stock like other tech CEOs is selling for the first time in a decade. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS