No this isn’t primary school and we are not learning about the magic that happens when you rub your hands together (It still is pretty cool though). This article is about actual friction in real life which makes you less likely to do work.

You probably have experienced it in your own life. When you kept your phone near your bed when sleeping at night, you open WhatsApp and Instagram first thing in the morning. When you have your iPad with YouTube on the first screen, you end up watching all of some cool new YouTuber’s video (I would suggest watching mine *wink*). This is because it is so easy to do these stuff.

When you add friction to these actions like putting your phone at the other side of your bedroom or removing the YouTube application from your iPad you discover that you actually don’t bother walking all the way across the room just to catch up on social media or open YouTube the moment you open your iPad.

Friction can also be used to help you to do things at a higher frequency. I am writing this blog post now because of reduced friction. I started to use my ancient but trustworthy tank of a iPad Air 2 again for studying and creation purposes. I installed the wordpress app and boom here I am.

Publishing a blog post was previously a pain in the donkey because the WordPress admin website is laggy even with splendid internet connection and it takes a while for me to find my admin account details.

Hopefully, this small change will help me write more blog posts. Removing and adding friction is a life-saver and try to implement it your life too.

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Stay Epic,