Home Screens

Home Screens

I have fallen into the world of iPhone home screen set-ups. Yes, this is different from my usual posts because I have more free time due to the current lockdown for Covid-19. I have fallen deep into the rabbit hole which is iPhone home screen set-ups.

Yes, iPhones are not as customizable as Android phones where you can do anything you want natively. For iPhone it is not as simple but hey its fun messing around with different home screens.

Finding the rabbit hole

Arranging my home screen constantly isn’t something new for me. In fact I have been doing it ever since I first got my own phone at the young immature age of 12. I have used Android phones in the past and while they are extremely customizable, I did not enjoy the laggy user interface which made me jump the fence into the world of Apple. Critique all you want about how the iPhone is bad, but I personally loved the iPhone for every feature except for the customisability. I have tried jailbreaking in the past, however that was on a ancient iPhone 5 which was no longer in service. I did not want to risk the security of my daily driver so I just gave up. This was all good until I started listening to the Cortex Podcast hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley where I discovered that they regularly nerd out about iPhone home screens. I thus decided to explore the world of apple shortcuts as can be seen in the exhibit below.

The Exhibit of Sharvenium’s Home Screens

Specimen 1. The world of colorful icons made with Apple Shortcuts

I decided to use this wallpaper from heyeased.weebly.com so that I can hide the folders and the dock. The blank icons can be made using Apple shortcuts or using websites such as iempty.tooliphone.net . This home screen set-up was way too for a minimalistic user such as myself. Each colorful icon was made with blood, sweat and many many hours of browsing through r/iOSsetups and r/shortcuts on reddit. Each icon opened a menu list from which I could activate an app or open a web browser. I even modified a Covid-19 Tracker which would tell me detailed statistics when clicked. This was qutite fn to make and try to match the colors to that of a rainbow but it was too overwhelming for me. This made me explore other options such as the one below.

Specimen 2. P E A K M I N I M A L I S M

I decided to use the same wallpaper from heyeased.weebly.com so that I can hide the folders and the dock. I decided to go the extra mile and also add blank icons inside my folder so that the apps (WhatsApp and Phone) can be in the center of the icon for symmetrical and aesthetic purposes. Well you might be wondering where all my apps are. They are in a folder in the top right with only a blank icon on the first page. This creates the illusion that there is nothing there as the folder cannot be seen due to this wallpaper and the icon is obviously blank so it also cannot be seen. Genius amirite. This is where I am currently at.

Maybe if there is a more significantly updated version it will be added below. Well that’s it for this out of the blue home screen post. Thanks Grey and Myke for pushing me down this rabbit hole. Do make sure to check the Cortex Podcast if you want to nerd out about productivity, apple products, iOS apps, workspaces and more.

You can contact me at Sharvenium@gmail.com or @sharvenium in twitter. Say Hi!!

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