Productivity tools are lame

Productivity tools are lame
Photo by Peter Aroner / Unsplash

A little bit of history. I started off this blog with a bunch of productivity posts and made a bunch of youtube videos about productivity apps but I soon realised after 2 years that it wasn't really useful. The main conclusion of most productivity advice was just to "Do It".

the conclusion of every productivity advice

Productivity advice makes you think you are actually accomplishing something but you would do much better if you just spent doing the thing instead of using a bunch of note-taking applications, to-do lists and stuff. By just doing stuff, you can do more than 99% of people following productivity advice. Most of the industry is also just marketing people selling you stuff. This is especially horrible on Twitter where these threadoors and marketing people just write the same copywriting and engagement threads. It's one of the reasons I stopped making videos and blogging in 2021. Recently, I found writing about topics I am interested in without caring about marketing or making money from this website is way more fun.

So if you are still stuck in the productivity tools, I suggest doing something useful with your life. If you happen to make money from productivity bs, fair play.