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On Pseudonyms

On Pseudonyms
Photo by Ben Sweet / Unsplash

Pseydonyms are really cool. why write under your own name when you can just make one up on the internet. Gaming has this culture where people use a different ingame name from their real name. The internet does not need to know your real name. This culture is prevalent in the crypto industry. Rarely do you find people who use their real name. It's usually a nickname and people do not care about who you are in the real world. All that matters is the history of the username and verifable on-chain transaction history if you are involved in NFTs and DeFi or anything on the chain.

One way to really grow in crypto is to get involved in a NFT project. As a member of the community, you immediately get a bunch of followers and your on-chain reputation grows as people can see what transactions you are doing on-chain whether it is buying NFTs or trading or just what amounts of money you are transfering. I am pretty sure if I create a new ethereum address, send a 1000 eth to that address and buy a bored ape and tweet about it I will immediately get hundreds of followers who know I am legit. I can even sign a transaction on-chain with the message "I am @Example on twitter". So anyone following can immediately know that I have 1000 eth and I bought a bored ape. All without disclosing my government name, age, gender, skin color etc etc. This is really cool as previously it was not possible to build a financial reputation online with just your pseudonym or even as an anon. If a government really wants to find out who you are, they definately can but being a pseudonym with some basic opsec steps can allow you avoid detection by irl people you know and make it impossible for people to find out who is the guy who send 1000 eth from FTX to example.eth address and bought a Bored Ape. There are ways to hide the exchange from knowing through applications such as Tornado Cash but those money mixers will probably lead to more trouble in the future as regulators find out about this tool and investigate everyone who ever deposited into it. The best way to probably just through exchanges and then to a new address the regular crypto joe from tracking you.

So you should probably use pseudonyms for most things online especially regarding crypto. I mean even Alexander Hamilton had a bunch of pseudonyms in late 1700s to debate in the newspaper.