2.0 2.0

For the first time, I am writing this blog post in my local note-taking app. I used to use wordpress to write my blogs and “design” my site using cool free themes that I find on the internet. But today, I have decided to take my first voyage into being tech independent and decided to create the site using github and Jekyll with the Jasper2 Theme.

Here is a photo of my site before. V 1.0

Then this is a pic of my site using Jekyll Now and my own homepage built using HTML and CSS☀️. V 1.9

Then this is the current site. Version 2.0 made using Ghost’s Casper theme imported to Jekyll using Jasper2. V 2.0

This new site is a static site. This means that the site is read only (as it has always been) which allows for it to be super snappy and quick when loading compared to my old wordpress site. I also made the homepage by myself using HTML and some CSS for the 1.9 version of the site. That is something that I am really proud of as it took a long time to make the orginal design in Figma before making it using basic HTML and CSS.

However, I decided to use the Jasper2 theme which mimics the ghost casper theme. This was because, it had a more modern and pleasant look compared to the homepage I designed. But hey at least, I tried something that looks decent.

Jekyll was hard to use at first but after using it for a couple of hours and navigating the default files, I learnt how to modify it to my own needs. One of the selling points of Jekyll is that it is really simple to use but you can modify it to your liking later on using Ruby and other cool programming stuff.

Changing the DNS and connecting my domain to was something that was too complicating at first. It took more than a week to figure it out as the DNS changes to the domain had to be propogated and that usually took around 24 hours. So everytime I made a change to my domain I had to wait a day and see whether it had changed anything. After being confused, I eventually figured how to do it and now I have my site up and running.

I am definately going to write a blog post and youtube video about this since I could not find any useful information online about this topic. Hopefully, this can help at least one person.

That’s it. Version 2.0 of my site. Now I can focus more on blog posts and book notes. 😁