Have you ever wanted to read something but experienced problems with reading or did not have the time in your day to read?

Speechify is for you. It was founded by student Cliff Weitzman who loves to read books.

However, he has a learning difference called dyslexia which makes it hard for him to read. But with Speechify he is able to read 100 books a year! 😲

Speechify helps by reading out text to you in a natural human voice. This allows you to read faster, retain more information and save more time.

🎧 Listen to anything

You can import any text into Speechify. Have a PDF of a book or manual?

just import in into the speechify app from your local storage or any other cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Have a informative sign about the park you are visiting?

Just take a picture through the speechify app and it will read it for you.

Blog posts, newspaper articles and any other text on the web can easily be read through copying it to speechify or using the speechify chrome or mac extension.

You can also screenshot certain text that you want to read on online images using the mac application.

Boom! Now you have the superpower to read any text that you want and you can turn anything into an audiobook and listen to your heart’s content.

πŸ“±πŸ’» Sync across all your devices πŸ“žπŸ–₯

Speechify is available for iPhone, Android, Mac, Chrome and the Web which means that you can use Speechify anywhere anytime!

All you have to do is sign in with your account and you have access to your library which contains all of your audiobooks and notes.

Speechify is always there for you. Wherever you need it to work more productively.


Absolutely free! 🀩

However, If you want more features such as

  • more real AI Voices
  • speeds faster than 500WPM (which is already 2.5x the average reading speed)
  • translate between 60+ languages and accents
  • 24/7 customer service

or support the amazing ⭐️ Speechify team ⭐️, you can buy their premium plan which starts at $30/month for the monthly plan and just a one time payment of $140 for the yearly plan.


πŸ“– Even if you are not dyslexic or do not have any difficulties reading, speechify is still immensely valuable. You can listen to just about anything as an audiobook and that changes everything

🀣 Instead of being limited to a place when reading, you can now move around listening to Trevor Noah talk about his funny childhood stories.

πŸ’ͺ You can exercise while listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about sneaking out of the military .

🏑 You can walk from the bus stop back to your home listening to Michelle Obama talk about growing up in the South Side of Chicago.

πŸ§™β€ You can grab a glass of water and continue to listen to Harry Potter swimming in the great lake to save Hermione and Ron.

πŸ—ž You can look around at the butterflies and flowers while listening to Benjamin Franklin talk about his printing press.

You are free from the constraints of being in one place with Speechify. πŸ¦…

Also thank you Cliff :D