Take Notes from Podcasts with Airr Audio

Take Notes from Podcasts with Airr Audio

One of the coolest apps that I have discovered this year is the Airr Audio podcast app. It is so good that I switched from the amazing feature rich Pocketcast app. It’s main feature is that you can finally take notes from podcasts.

Podcasts are great, you can learn insights from cool people in long form audio content. But it is often hard to recall what you learned from podcasts a week or even a day later. This is where Airr.io comes in.

Usually when listening to podcasts, you would just listen to insightful ideas and then hopefully take notes if you think that it is really important. However, these notes might not be too detailed and it would be hard to recall what the speaker said in the podcast.

Airr makes it super easy to take notes.

How to Take Notes in Airr Audio

All you have to do is press the AirrQuote button to highlight the previous 45s of audio (You can change this in the settings).

You can also press and drag the AirrQuote button to adjust the length of the highlight. Then, you can write a note for that highlight. This highlight can then be shared in an audio or in a video format to other social media platforms or note-taking applications such as Notion, Roam Research or Obsidian.

You can also embed Airr highlights in different apps. All you have to do is to add “/embed/” after the airr.io link.

You can also view the transcript for any podcast, which makes it easier to take notes and review your podcast notes again.

This makes podcast listening way more useful as you can now review them regularly with your notes.

Quick Capture

While listening to a podcast, you can either say “Hey Siri take an AirrQuote” or triple tap your headphone button to save the last 45 seconds or your own custom length that you can change in the settings.

For non-pro AirPods, you can just use the previous track command on the AirPods to save AirrQuotes.

By doing this, you can immediately quote the last 45s. This makes note-taking effortless. Also, you do not have to deal with the hassle of pulling out your phone and then opening your note-taking application.

Final Thoughts

Airr seems to have solved one of the main problems with podcasts. While you had Kindle, Instapaper and Pocket highlights that you can export to your note-taking application, before Airr, there wasn’t really a way to take notes from podcasts.

Even though Airr is in it’s early days, it seems to have made note-taking for podcasts a reality and especially so with it’s Readwise.io and RemNote integration.

This was the first time I switched my podcast app from Pocketcast in a long time and I am excited to see what the developers have in store for Airr.

p.s. Would love trim silence and chapter support from Pocketcast in Airr :)