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The Best Worst Case Scenario for Crypto

The Best Worst Case Scenario for Crypto
Photo by Carl Raw / Unsplash

When thinking about the future of crypto its good to think about the best and worst case scenario. The best best case scenario being the narratives that Ethereum and Bitcoin Maxis dream about, the worst best case scenario being what I currently think we are headed for (regulated crypto projects with some element of decentralisation). The best worst case scenario being a decentralized casnio with no other use case. The worst worst case scenario being getting banned from various nations and crypto becoming a reminder of worthless magic internet money that some stupid humans in the early 21st century thought were the future.

Here is a quote by Gigantic-Cassocked-Rebirth or GCR about the best worst case scenario.

it's too expensive for the average man to fly to Macau or Vegas. Decentralized casino and/or decentralized ponzi is always fastest horse when we have easy money and macro is risk on. I'm long humans being desperate, greedy, degenerate, lonely, and trapped in the metaverse.