Hi, I’m Sharvesh

This is my personal blog where I write about whatever I am interested in.

It started off in 2019 with posts about productivity, self-help books, the pandemic then I wrote about the lessons learned from podcasts, books and blogs.

Now it's mainly about what I find interesting about books, history, stocks and crypto.

I don’t write here to become a popular writer or make money. I write here publicly as I feel having a website is a great way to develop ideas and put thoughts down on ‘paper’ and improve my writing.

Why not write a private journal or diary? While privacy is great for certain subjects, I find myself having no “standards” or proper format when writing privately which leads to a mess of incoherent ideas. This blog makes me have some standards. The bar is quite low in some posts but at least its there in some form.

Also I like reading other people’s blogs (quite rare these days) and I automatically equate having a blog to someone being cool. Bonus points if their articles are also good and thought provoking.

This blog is more for me than anyone else but nonetheless, I hope you find this interesting.

Email: Sharvenium@gmail.com

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