Hi, I’m Sharvesh

This is my personal blog where I write about whatever I am interested in.

It started off in 2019 with posts about productivity, self-help books, and the pandemic. Then, I wrote about the lessons learned from podcasts, books, and blogs. Now, it's mainly about what I find interesting in books, history, stocks, and crypto.

I don’t write here to become a popular writer or make money. This is especially true considering most of my posts revolve around money. Also, there are way too many people making money by writing about how to do something rather than actually being a master at a craft these days. Fortunately, certain investments have done well, so I don’t have to worry about monetising this site. Of course, this is also easy to say because no one reads my posts and I barely have any subscribers. Maybe my stance will change if the views start going up, but I severely doubt it.

Why public? Why not a private journal? While privacy is great for some subjects, I find myself having no 'standards' or proper format, which leads to a mess of incoherent ideas. This website compels me to maintain some standards. I think having a website is a great way to develop ideas, put thoughts down on 'paper', and overall improve my writing, which in turn enhances my thinking and hopefully makes me a better person. While the bar is quite low in some posts, at least it’s there in some form.

Also, I enjoy reading other people’s blogs (quite rare these days), and I automatically equate having a blog with being a cool person. Bonus points if their articles are also interesting.

This blog is more for me than anyone else, but nonetheless, I hope you find it interesting and maybe even useful.


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