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Thinking about her

A Year Later: Revisiting Predictions

Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Same as Ever by Morgan Housel

Seinfeld had the Biggest Show on TV and then Quit

Jane Street Lost $300 Million Trading Trump's Election

Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson

Nuclear Bombs, Seven Husbands, Roman Emperor, Mars, Contrarian

Spare by Harry

Sam Altman and Elixir of Knowledge

Napoleon by Ridley Scott

I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

Deep Work by Cal Newport

The American Story : Conversations with Master Historians by David M. Rubenstein

Sharvenium 18.0

The 'True' Beauty of History

Mark Zuckerberg and the Quest for Social Network Supremacy

Living with a SEAL by Jesse Itzler

Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts

Elon Musk Changing Twitter Bluebird Logo to Dogecoin (and back)

Interpol Red Notice for Cobie

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

Balaji is Wrong

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Shorts Your Entry

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Great Man

Heads Shoulders Knees and Shoulders Knees and Toes Knees and Toes

The Art of Missing The Pump

The Markets are Moving

Risk and Reward in History: Going Back to 1850

Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Gautam Adani's Hindenburg Moment

Twitter's New 'For You' Page

The Binance Cartel is Real

It's the Ten Duel Commandments (Newsletter Edition)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: a Book to Movie Review

Nikita Bier sells Gas App to Discord in 3 Months

Peter Thiel Ended Eight Year Bitcoin Bet

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The Forbidden Bounce

I Have a Dream

Recording Videos for Future Self

Citadel Losing 53% in a Year

Echo Bubble

Get Supercycled Kid

3rd Largest $TSLA Shareholder Crying on Twitter lmao

Web3 vs Crypto

Writing on Substack - 2 Weeks Later

The (not so) Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan


Crypto Titans of Industry DESTROYED

Coinbase Reaches $100 Million Settlement With New York Regulators

The Winklevoss Twins Are Back

Extreme Privacy: What it Takes to Disappear by Michael Bazzell

The Grey Markets in Crypto

This didn't age well... or did it?